Date PI Institution Project Title
NASA EPSCoR $750K Research Projects
2019 Dr. Sudeep Popat Clemson Peroxide-Producing Microbial Fuel Cells for Space Life Support Systems Application
2018 Dr. Apparo Rao Clemson Nanomaterials-based Hybrid Energy Storage Devices and Systems for Space Applications
2016 Dr. Raymond Torres USC Temporal and Spatial Variability of Floodplain Currents by In-Situ Observations, Radar Interferometry and Numerical Simulations
2015 Dr. Marilyn Brandt UVI Using NASA’s Ocean Color Sensors to Identify Effects of Watershed Development and Climate Change on Coastal Marine Ecosystems of the US Virgin Islands
NASA EPSCoR $25K Research Grant Program Projects from RID funding
2015-16 Dr. Oliver Myers Clemson Multi-Layer Magnetostrictive NDE/SHM Sensors
2015-16 Dr. Rodrigo Martinez-Duarte Clemson BioNanomanufacturing of Carbide Aerogels
2015-16 Dr. Lucy Yu USC Non-contact ultrasonic guided wave smart array for rapid inspection and characterization of composite structures
2017-18 Dr. Julia Brumaghim Clemson
2017-18 Dr. John Chadwick CofC Late Amazonian Volcanism of the Tharsis Montes, Mars
2017-18 Dr. Chris Fragile CofC Don’t Try This in a Lab: Using Exploding Neutron Stars to Study the Physics of Gas Disks
2017-18 Dr. Steven Rodney USC Rare and Peculiar Stellar Explosions with the Next Generation of Space Telescopes
2017-18 Dr. Subramani Sockalingam USC Non-conventional Lightweight Composite Materials and Structures for Aerospace and Space Applications
2017-18 Dr. Yi Zheng Clemson Biotransformation of Space Mission Organic Waste and Martian Regolith into Nutraceuticals and Biocement
2018-19 Dr. Gary Hardiman MUSC Effect of Induced Hibernation and Prolonged Radiation Exposure on the Zebrafish Gut Epigenome
2018-19 Dr. Cuizhen Wang USC Satellite Observations of March Dieback Events and Potential Environmental Influences Along Coastal SC, 2000-2017
2018-19 Dr. Adem Ali CofC Testing the Feasibility of Remote Sensing in Characterizing Coral Reefs in Shallow to Deep Case 1 type waters – using Guam as a Natural Laboratory
2018-19 Dr. Michael Gower USC Biomaterial Implants for the Prevention and Treatment of Microgravity Induced Muscle Atrophy
2018-19 Dr. Andrew Metcalf Clemson Regional Biomass Burning Measurements for Air Quality Assessment and Satellite Validation
2019 Dr. Phil Dustan CofC Coral Reef Remote Sensing Program
2019-20 Dr. Guiren Wang USC Facile and Rapid Detection for Life Exploration in Space by Nanofluidic Electrochemical and Electrophoretic Devices
2019-20 Dr. Moshe Rhodes CofC The Potential Impact of Archaea on Cloud Formation
2019-20 Dr. Pooyan Jamshidi USC Effective Guided Software Testing of Autonomous Aerospace Robotic Systems